Bamboo flooring is an extremely durable, easy to install and natural floor type. Durability is a key feature of bamboo flooring due to the board density and quality scratch resistant coatings. Bamboo flooring is easy to install with our uniclick and lockedge ranges, saving you time and money if you DIY. With each board having a distinct and unique colouring you get the look and feel of a timber but at half the price. View our bamboo flooring prices below and buy online. If unavailable contact us to view in-store or for a quote. At E-Flooring we only sell premium quality bamboo flooring with many different finishes and textures to suit any taste. We supply the highest quality, the most durable and climate resistant bamboo flooring that uses Uniclic and Lockedge systems making it very simple to install even for a novice DIYer. The delightful grain pattern, beautiful look, ease of installation and high durability of bamboo flooring enhance its practicality in both residential and commercial areas. Bamboo flooring offers broad appeal and an amazing aesthetic value that will provide years of ambiance and warmth to your rooms. It is comparable to traditional hardwood floors in durability, flexibility and maintenance and is more environmentally friendly than different types of timber flooring as it can be sustainably grown and farmed. Bamboo is a moisture resistant material that will not warp or splinter when exposed to daily temperature changes. Bamboo flooring stands up well to daily wear and can be resurfaced however you are unlikely to need to due to modern factory finishes.

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