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Frequently Asked Questions

Many customer enquiries are received every day, so in order to provide easier access to information, we have listed below some of the more common questions we receive. Of course, our Customer Services Department is always ready to help and can be reached via e-mail or live chat.



Where do your products come from?

All of our products come directly from the manufacturer/importer. We only sell genuine, branded products from reputable and licensed sources. Every product on the website comply with International and local quality and health requirements.

Do you provide samples?

Some product samples are available but not all. Please visit our Head Office showroom and we can assist you with some samples.

How can I access more information about a product?

By clicking on the product image, you will get a quick view of the product including brief information and specifications. If you want to see the full product information click on "More Details".

Would you be able to supply a flooring product not listed on your website?

Yes it may be possible, as we have a large network of suppliers. All you need to do is to fill in the enquiry form with the details of the product you're looking for and we will get back to you.

Does the price shown include accessories and/or installation?

Accessories and installation vary from project to project. The prices showing on the website are referring to the products only. All prices are shown as square metres prices but are rounded up to the nearest box at checkout.

Do you provide installation services?

We provide full installation services if required. If you recommend an installer let us know as we value your opinion.


Privacy & Security

Are my details secure?

Yes! All the information we ask for when you place your order is essential for us to process and keep you up to date with your order. We use the latest SSL encryption technology (up to 256 bit) therefore offering the highest level of encryption and security possible to ensure all your details are kept secure. We do not sell, rent or otherwise pass on any of your details to other parties, ever!

Can I opt out of your newsletter?

We only use your email to bring you the latest offers available from e-flooring.com.au and will not use it to spam or send you unwanted emails. You can opt out of newsletters at any time by sending us an email with your name and / or username.

How long will it take to get my order?

If you have ordered a flooring product, we will contact you to arrange a suitable time for delivery or pickup.



What kind of flooring can I install in my home?

This will vary according to the building, space and your own needs, budget and lifestyle. Be sure you choose something suitable for your room and its uses. Consider foot traffic, children and pets in this decision.

Can I install myself?

You can do it yourself. Depending on your ability level and the product you choose it can be quite a simple thing to do (look out for Lockedge or Uniclic planks systems and floating floors if you are a beginner). Most flooring also comes with installation guides or manuals but the key is to leave sufficient expansion gaps! If hiring an installer it should mean the standard of your flooring will be professional and guaranteed. A professional will also be able to complete the task much faster thanks to skill, experience and the right tools. We offer a "Find an Installer" feature which helps you find installers in your area.

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